Busan Commodore Hotel


- It is adjacent to Nampo-dong Commercial District which is famous for Kukje Market and Jagalchi Market, and Shopping Streets, and located at walking distance from Jungang-dong clustered with lots of trading companies and shipping companies

Flight Information

Transit time and transportation assistance

  • In case of using a bus
    Bus No. 43 → Get off at ‘Hotel Commodore’
    Bus No. 17, 61, 103, 134 → Get off at ‘Yeongju-dong’ → 7 minutes’ walking distance

  • In case of using the Subway
    Get off at Busan Station of Subway Line No. 1 → Use a Taxi(about 7 minutes taken)
    Exit No. 1 after getting off at Busan Station of Subway Line No. 1 → 15 minutes’ walking distance
    Exit No. 5 & 7 after getting off Busan Station of Subway Line No. 1 → Get on the Bus

  • In case of using an intercity bus
    Nopo-dong Bus Terminal ↔ Hotel Commodore Get on at Nopo Station → Get off at Busan Station (about 45 minutes taken) → Walk or Bus
    Busan Intercity Bus Terminal ↔ Hotel Commodore Bus No. 61(Seobu Intercity Terminal)→ Get off at ‘Yeongju-dong’ Station(about 50 minutes taken) → 10minutes’ walk → Hotel

  • In case of using a railroad(Busan Station ↔ Hotel Commodore)
    Exit No.1 of Busan Station → Walk(about 15 minutes)
    - Exit No. 5, 7 of Busan Station → Bus No. 43 → Get off at ‘Hotel Commodore’( about 13 minutes, 4 minutes’ walk) - Exit No. 5 & 7 of Busan Station → Bus No. 17, 61, 134 → Get off at ‘Yeongju-dong Station( about 13 minutes, 7 minutes’ walk)
    - About 3,000 won in taxi fare, about 7 minutes taken

  • In case of airline use
    Limousine Bus at Gimhae Airport (Seo-myeon/Busan Station-bound )
    - Get off at ‘Yeongju-dong’ (about 40 minutes taken) , 6,000 won for one-way
    - First bus : 07:20/ Last bus: 21.40(about at 40~45 minutes’ intervals
    - Gimhae Airport-Seo-myeon, Lotte Hotel-Hyundai Department Store-Busanjin Station-Busan Station-Jungang-dong, Coastal Passenger Terminal-Nampo-dong- Chungmu-dong-Nampo-dong-Coastal Passenger Terminal-Jungang-dong-Yeongju-dong(Hotel Commodore)-Busan Station-Busanjin Station-Hyundai Department Store-Seo-myeon, Lotte Hotel-Seo-myeon Street 1-Gimhae Airport
    - About 30 minutes taken

From Incheon International Airport to Busan

  • In case of using KORAIL(KTX)
    Use a KTX at Incheon Airport -> Get off at Busan Station
    (You can purchase ticket at Incheon airport and website
    Website : http://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizbfForeign_pr16100.do?gubun=1 )

  • In case of using Bus
    Exit 1st Floor, 10 C at Incheon International Airport -> Use a Limousine bus for Busan -> Get off a Busan Dongbu Bus Terminal