Commodore Hotel special rates

  • PERIOD : Mar 31st 2016 ~ Apr 3rd 2016
  • CORPORATE RATE for 2016


    STANDARD ROOM 203,280 121,000
    DELUXE ROOM 272,250 143,990
    SEMI SUITE ROOM 302,500 165,770
    CORNER SUITE ROOM 356,950 199,650
    The above includes10% SVC and 10% Tax.

    • 50% discount for Sauna (Men only) / free swimming pool
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Free parking service
    • 24-hour Business center
    • Free bottled water (2 bottles per room)
    • Free weekday newspaper
    • Free toothbrushes, toothpaste (2set per room)

About Commodore Hotel Busan

Commodore Hotel Busan commemorates Admiral soon Shin Lee who secured the City of Busan against Japanese aggression during 16th Century. Domestic and visitors from around the world have adored the Hotel for its splendid traditional Korean architecture and elegant interior design. The Hotel is a folk museum itself with paintings and engravings decorating the entire building. This remarkable structure, designed by George Frew, is inspired by Royal Palaces of the Chosun Dynasty.

The Hotel is surrounded by a number of great attractions including Taejongdae, Yongusan Park, Minju Park, International Market, and Jagalchi Traditional Fishery Market.
Spacious 311 guestrooms designed with comfort in mind, restaurants & bars offering a wide range of choices banquet and conference facilities overlooking Busan harbor night views.

The Hotel has various styles of rooms, therefore our customers can choose a room which best suits their needs and taste. We provide you with the best service for a comfortable stay using our up-to-date customer service system.

Commodore Hotel Busan offers a wide range of choices to satisfy all dining needs. Viking buffet provides you with all the various foods in the world. All the walls have glass and the Rabbit and turtle's pictures from the Korean traditional fable. The restaurant has a large room to have family parties, wedding receptions, and the banquet given on a baby's first birthday.

The General Yi is a restaurant which has Western food served in a Korean traditional atmosphere. It holds events which introduce seasonal food of the month which make the restaurant popular.

The lobby lounge has pictures on both walls. On the east wall, there is a blue dragon, and the south wall, there are two Chinese phoenixes. They made the lounge to seem like the heaven at Taoism. So almost guest could be the Taoist hermits and their drinks could keep them forever young. They have live singers 5 times everyday.

Directions and Transportation

Commodore Hotel Busan is located in the heart of Busan, is within 30-minute ride from Gimhae International Airport and Bexco in Haeundae. It is only 5minute walk from Busan Railway Station and Texas Street as well as International Ferry Terminal.

  • Address : 151, Junggu-ro, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea 600-110
  • Telephone : (82) (51) 466-9101
  • Fax: (82) (51) 462-9101
  • Reservations : (82) (51) 461-9701~2
  • Website :