2016 14th AOFS Congress KOREA collects all submitted lecture materials on the website from the invited speakers
Please see the below information and complete your work for the conference.

Important dates

  Deadline for Lecture Material Submission : 6, Mar 2016

Guidelines for Lecture Material Submission

  • Click on the our Conferences Web page menu “Material Submission”.
  • Please Upload the files after the entering personal information.
  • Once you complete the registration, receipt number will be sent to your email and you can remodify by the registration deadline.
  • After you completed the registration, you can modify the Lecture Material on the website page menu “Material Modification” after entering the receipt number and password.
  • Slide for lecture presentation can be accepted even after the registration deadline. slide for lecture presentation can be accepted in pre-reception and on-site reception (or slide for lecture presentation can be accepted to e-mail. Mail : gaonpco@gaonpco.com)